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CountertopsIn today’s market place you have an abundant amount of choices for your countertops needs. At J.C.W. we only fabricate using high quality materials in order to provide you with a high quality countertop no matter what your budget. This page will help you decide which material is right for you.

REMEMBER: There is no countertop choice that is designed to be a cutting board or hot plate.

Plastic Laminate
Formica | Nevamar | Pionite | Wilsonart
Others upon request.
This is a very affordable, durable and a more budget friendly countertop choice. Your standard laminate counter will have a loose back splash and self edge. With all the different choices in colors and the available upgrades today, such as bevel edges and undermount sinks, a plastic laminate top can be personalized to reflect your style while being very economical.

Solid Surface
 Avonite | Corian | Formica | Hi-Macs | Gibraltar | Staron | 3 Form
Others upon request.
Solid surface is another very durable choice for countertop material and can prove to be very cost effective. Today there is an extremely wide array of color choices availbe and there is no other material with as many design possibilities. From integral sinks to custom drain boards, coved back splash  and recesses shower caddies there is virtually nothing that can not be done in solid surface. Today we are even fabricating kitchen cabinets in solid surface.  You can always renew solid surface to its original condition making your tops look as good as new for years to come.  

Natural Stone
Granite - Marble
Today’s stones have become far more affordable than they have been in past years.. And there is a beauty to natural stone that can not be matched by any other product available today. But with beauty comes maintenance and Natural Stones will require more maintenance than other products available to you today and they also have less design options. Stone tops are porous and if not sealed at lest twice a year the stone will become damaged. Fortunately today there are many high quality sealers available to help you keep your stone tops looking as good as the day they were installed.

Engineered Stone
Ceaserstone | Cambria | Silestone | Viatera | Zodiaq
Others upon request
Engineered stone has the same feel and durability as natural stone however it does not have the maintenance issues. Engineered stones are composed of a quartz and resins making the product non-porous. The same with natural stones you are limited to your design options and seams are visible. The cost tends to be slightly higher than your natural stones but with the non-porous factor and easy maintenance the slight cost difference is  it is easily justified.
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