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At J.C.W. we carry several  different brands of ready to install products. These products come in standard sizes and limited color choices. Ready to Install products are a great option for a premium product at a more affordable cost and they are great for a quick bathroom remodel.

DuPont Corian Ready to Install Vanity tops are available in 8 different colors, Glacier White, Bisque,  Bone , Cameo White, Savannah, Aurora, Antarctica, and Linen  and  10 standard sizes:

19"x 25" 19" x 31" 19" x 31"
19" x 37" 22" x 25" 22" x 31"
22" x 37" 22" x 43" 22" x 49"
22" x 61" 22" x 73”  

DuPont Corian also has a line of ready to install tub / shower kits available in 6 color choices Aurora, Bisque, Bone, and Cameo White Glacier White and Linen

2 or 3 wall shower kits are available as well as a 3 wall tub kit. These kits are come in 60” x 72” heights and fit up to 30" x 60" or 32" x 60" tubs. The 3 wall shower kits are available in either 72" or 96" height and fit up to 36" x 36" or 36" x 48" or a 36" x 60" shower pan. And your 2 wall shower kits are available in 72" height only and fit 36" x 36" or 38" x 38" shower pan.

Swanstone vanity tops come in a vast array of colors with there own unique edge details. You can have a matching sink and deck in all there color options. As well as having there own line of matching tub / shower kits and shower pans.

Contact us for more information on the Swanstone line of ready to install products.
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